2019 Nissan Sylphy Zero Emission going Worldwide

The 2019 Nissan Sylphy, as the fourth generation and known in the US as Sentra, is now ready to produce for international market. Six years after the start of production, Sylphy is currently sold as EV and firstly introduced and produced for the China’s market.

2019 Nissan Sylphy


When the Nissan electric vehicle first built in People’s Republic of China, Sylphy EV shares a magazine and a platform. Based on the Chinese test cycle, it is estimated at full charge with a lithium-ion battery at 338 kilometers.

2019 Nissan Sylphy Power-train

In contrast, the estimated mileage of the NEDC is 378 kilometers (235 miles). On the other hand, the Environmental Protection Agency has set the range to 151 miles (243 kilometers). In addition to a sheet-like design, 2019 Nissan Sylphy EV also has three or more “zero emission” exteriors and blue highlights.

Sylphy EV, one of the 20 electric cars in 10 years, is a front-wheel drive equipped with an e-pedal system to accelerate and stop the car as efficiently as possible. Also, Nissan has achieved by the successful packaging of the powertrain “class best legroom”.

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2019 Nissan Sylphy Zero Emission (name changed) was released in the second half of 2018 and has a “multi-layer ergonomic chair with heating option” feature. “There is a five person seat that can remotely control the car’s audio and video from the phone.

2019 Nissan Sylphy exterior design

“The new Sylphy, Zero Emission is the next step in the electrification strategy in China,” said Jose Munoz, chief executive of China Nissan CEO and China Management Committee. But the Japanese automakers are not alone in this attempt, Polestar is also on the entire kingdom of the Middle Kingdom.

2019 Nissan Sylphy Release Date and Price

A stand-alone performance brand of 2019 Nissan Sylphy will plan to produce under the control of Volvo Polestar in the factory in Chengdu and will be released to the market in the first quarter of 2019. The basic price will start at $155,000 in US.2019 Nissan Sylphy exterior design

2019 Nissan Sylphy price